About Kolton


I first entered the mortgage industry right out of college in 2011. I worked as a loan officer with the largest direct and correspondent lenders in the country. They were amazing experiences and I learned so much about the ins and out of home financing. The big banks and lenders have their issues though. So many people touch one file increasing the chance of things going wrong or expanding the time frame to complete a closing. Do not even get me started on pricing. People do not know it, but the rates and costs from big retail lenders in my opinion is ridiculous. I do not want to represent a bank, I want to represent my clients. So I became a broker. This way I could do more for my clients and ensure an exemplary experience. I fight for the lowest rate. I personally cover a portion of the costs. Why? Because I can. I also see the loan through processing and closing myself. Home financing is not a transaction to take lightly. A lot of emotion is wrapped up into it. I take that very seriously all while working to make the process fun and easy for everyone.